Jewelry Making: How to Learn Jewelry Making

Learn Jewelry Making

The jewelry industry is complex and requires impeccable knowledge of jewelry making techniques and refined artistic taste and talent. Those who want to build a jewelry making career can receive special training at the relevant educational institutions. It is necessary . Certificate of upper secondary education; . Certificate of passing the exam Instructions for jewelry … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Pillow Talks to Catfish and the Bottlemen

In between the commotion of extensively touring, Pillow Mag caught up with Van – the crazy, witty, honest front man and ringleader. We talked about being in the bedroom, 1D and The Wanted, and what he would rather do on a Friday night. Note of warning: he’s brutally honest, and a little eccentric (just how we like ’em).

EXCLUSIVE: Pillow Talks To Willy Moon

WILLY Moon is somewhat of an enigma. The charismatic singer is sipping a double tanqueray and tonic, rocking a slicked-back quiff and blinking in the East London sunshine. His patter is laconic and his wit is so dry it makes the sahara look like the set of Waterworld.

EXCLUSIVE: Pillow Talks To Nicola Roberts

NICOLA Roberts is full of surprises. She has emerged from Girls Aloud as the cool, quirky one; finding favour with the fashion set and quietly building up her own sense of inimitable style. She’s side-stepped the pop world to work with Metronomy and Diplo on her debut solo album Cinderella’s Eyes and speaking to her on the phone, she is down to earth, open and chatty.

EXCLUSIVE: Pillow Talks to Lingerie Label Tallulah Love

WITH vintage inspired, cabaret style pieces that look straight from the windows of a Parisian boutique, you’d be forgiven for thinking lingerie brand Tallulah Love was the lovechild of La Perla and Victoria’s Secret. But in a bustling corner of Newcastle Upon Tyne, it’s an effervescent Brit designer that’s putting the romance back into women’s underwear.