Black dots – the reasons for their appearance and methods of struggle

Black dots

Black dots; what are the reasons? Ugly blackheads can ruin your mood for a long time, as it is not easy to get rid of them, but possible. For this, not only toilet cosmetics are suitable, but also “grandmother” techniques. Blackheads or comedones occur in those with problematic and oily skin. Today it is one … Read more

Dry brush massage: What is the main benefit of dry brush massage?

Dry brush massage

Dry brush massage, how to do at home? Tips and contraindications for the procedure. Basic principles and techniques for performing face and body massage, during pregnancy, with real reviews. Dry brush massage is a method that helps to clean the epidermis of dead cells, which also balances the blood flow in the capillaries and improves … Read more

Liquid vitamin A for hair: How to use liquid vitamin A for hair

Liquid vitamin A for hair

Liquid vitamin A for hair; how to use it correctly? Why is it recommended to inject vitamin A into hair masks? Benefits and harms when using it. Homemade recipes and application rules. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble substance with the medical name Retinol. It enters the body with animal products, but this is not always … Read more

Facial fitness – advantages and a set of exercises

Facial fitness

Facial fitness; what is face fit? What problems can special gymnastics have? How to regain youth with miracle exercises? Results and reviews. Facial fitness is a set of exercises done to preserve and maintain the beauty and youth of the face. During the training, different muscles are active, but some need relaxation while others need … Read more

Makeup: How beautiful to wear makeup?

How beautiful to wear makeup

Makeup; how do you highlight yourself at a party? The ability to highlight subtle features and direct the arrows in front of the eyes guarantees respect for colleagues, attention of men, and envy of girlfriends. Proper makeup at home depends on the sequence of actions and the technique of applying cosmetics. Makeup is shaping and … Read more