Film Review: World War Z

ADAPTED very loosely from the novel by Max Brooks, World War Z doesn’t have it easy. Amidst reports of a troubled production and a re-shot ending, we also have to acknowledge that culturally, we have long since reached the point of zombie saturation.

The Film Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

ON paper, the combination of the old X-Men (that were in established way back in Bryan Singer’s 2000 film) and the new (the cast of the Matthew Vaughn directed prequel X-Men: First Class) is an enticing prospect. The thought of two different generations of X-Men and, in some cases, renditions of both the older and … Read more

The Lost Lectures

WORD of mouth is going further underground with the help of The Lost Lectures.Hot on the heels of hush-hush shows like Secret Cinema, The Lost Lectures are a unique new series of events where incredible speakers give enchanting talks from secret locations. They are taking lectures out of boring establishments and into imaginative, secret spaces, … Read more