Hot Talent: Ruby Goe

RUBY GOE has been on my radar since my flatmate saw her perform at a London fashion party and totally fell in love with her (cue much dancing round the kitchen with her tunes on the stereo).

July 10th | Pillow Magazine

The undisputed London MC and pretty boy charmer, Dizzee Rascal, released his brand new full- length album, The Fifth, via Universal Records this week, which will be his first album release since signing the multi-million pound contract with the music and film godfathers.   A- list producers enter the mix at all angles on this … Read more

The Film Review: Carrie

AT the onset of puberty, a bullied high school girl discovers that she has telekinetic powers and, after one final prank is pulled on her during prom night, uses them to get revenge on her tormenters. The original 1976 De Palma version (based on the novel by Stephen King) was shocking for its time, but … Read more

The Film Review: Stoker (DVD/Blu-Ray)

KOREAN director Park Chan-wook is without a doubt most famous for the ultraviolent and shocking revenge story Oldboy. Here, in his English language debut (with a script by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller) he delivers a masterful gothic thriller.