Film Review: World War Z

ADAPTED very loosely from the novel by Max Brooks, World War Z doesn’t have it easy. Amidst reports of a troubled production and a re-shot ending, we also have to acknowledge that culturally, we have long since reached the point of zombie saturation.

The Film Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

ON paper, the combination of the old X-Men (that were in established way back in Bryan Singer’s 2000 film) and the new (the cast of the Matthew Vaughn directed prequel X-Men: First Class) is an enticing prospect. The thought of two different generations of X-Men and, in some cases, renditions of both the older and … Read more

The Lost Lectures

WORD of mouth is going further underground with the help of The Lost Lectures.Hot on the heels of hush-hush shows like Secret Cinema, The Lost Lectures are a unique new series of events where incredible speakers give enchanting talks from secret locations. They are taking lectures out of boring establishments and into imaginative, secret spaces, … Read more

Pillow Playlist – December

DECEMBER is a special month for music. The top albums of the past 12 months are revealed and new artists set to make waves in the new year are introduced and awarded. So this month we have given you a taster of tantalising new talent to get your ears around alongside some of the years most beloved artists.