Facial features

Facial features

Facial features are not all women get the same haircut and the same payment. There are several things to keep in mind when cutting your hair, one of which is the person’s facial features. For example, it depends a lot on the facial features, which side of the hair suits each one – and whether … Read more

Jewelry Making: How to Learn Jewelry Making

Learn Jewelry Making

The jewelry industry is complex and requires impeccable knowledge of jewelry making techniques and refined artistic taste and talent. Those who want to build a jewelry making career can receive special training at the relevant educational institutions. It is necessary . Certificate of upper secondary education; . Certificate of passing the exam Instructions for jewelry … Read more

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Are we progressive enough when it comes to talking about periods? While periods are an inevitable aspect of life for most women, the experience of menstruation isn’t universal. In fact, it can differ notably depending on factors such as geography and cultural beliefs.  Here in the UK, there have been many prolific movements aimed at … Read more