Skincare & Self-Care

SELF-CARE isn’t an easy task when you have two children. 

There’s always something to do! If it’s not looking after the kids, then it’s washing, cleaning, cooking, tidying, working, blogging, socialising, WhatsApp-admin, the list goes on and on…

For me, my indulgence is beauty. Taking care of my skin is one of my great pleasures, and so I’ve been really interested to try these face masks from Skin Republic.

It’s great to have a reason to sit still for 20 minutes before bed, and just switch off from everything. I’m lucky that the children both go to bed by 7.30pm and sleep through, so at the moment I like to apply one of these masks after cleaning my skin and before going to bed.

I tried the retinol mask, which is harder to apply as its a gel mask. The Vitamin C masks feels really refreshing and is a fabric mask so mega easy to use.

They’re under a tenner each and you can get them from your local Superdrug.

A small price to pay for a slice of self-care.

Buy Skin Republic masks, here.

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