Having a ball

THE MORAL of this story is… never play too near the rose thorns.  Earlier this month we were in Lake Bolsena in Italy for two weeks. We had taken this giant glitter beach ball with us, covered in big, fat pastel green polka dots and filled with metallic discs of gold. It’s so eye-catching and so it was a big hit in our flat’s swimming pool which we shared with three other families. It was an easy way for all our children to play together even though they didn’t speak the same language. Hitting the huge glistening inflatable between them bonded them really quickly. On the last day however, my husband and son were playing footie with the ball on the front lawn and it was kicked a bit too enthusiastically and it landed in a huge patch of blooming roses… a few hours later and the ball was looking a bit worse for wear and in the morning it had completely deflated.   58151 It was a shame as it is such a brilliant and fun piece of kit for your summer holiday, or a day out at the beach. I’d definitely buy it as a pressie for a friend for their holiday or it made me think of a hen party abroad and how much fun it would be playing with it with all your female friends on a trip away. It’s only £15 too which I think is a bit of a steal. Buy giant glitter beach ball from Prezzybox for £14.99, here.

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