My holiday essentials 

WHEN travelling light, how do you decide what to take with you beauty-wise? 

It’s easy when you have checked luggage which you can just throw all your beauty bits into – purple toned shampoo and conditioner, sun cream for both myself and my baby, hair toner to stop my locks going golden, perfume, matte lipsticks, waterproof mascara, a decent foundation… the list goes on. 

When you’re just taking hand luggage – and you’re restricted to liquids under 100mls it all suddenly gets a bit more difficult!

As I’ve recently bleached my hair white blonde, my main essential was a purple toner to keep my hair in check. Scott Cornwall has a conditioning toner which you can use after shampooing, leaving on the hair for two minutes, or as a longer treatment, leaving on the hair for 20 minutes to really give it a lift. I used this every day on holiday which kept the golden tones at bay but didn’t stop my hair going completely wild in the sun. One day I straightened it when it was still damp and it ended up so frazzled. Never again!

My other essentials included Clinique sun cream in both factor 30 and factor 50. I think I was being a bit optimistic as the temperature was only in the early twenties when we were in France but I still loyally applied sun cream every day as its so important to protect your skin. 

Alpha H moisturiser with SPF 50 protected my face – and also stopped aging in its tracks – and is so light and wonderful to use, I really recommend this product. 

For my son I packed Viche Posey in SPF 50 which we applied each day as well as covering him up with a Jo Jo Maman Bebe checkered sun hat. 

Sensai 38c mascara just does not budge no matter what kind of holiday activity you throw at it, so that was definitely packed as one of my essentials. 

I love an orange lip so I also packed my & Other Stories lipstick in orange and my Melvita nourishing balm/gloss to protect my lips. 

I also took Bourjois Air Mat foundation which is a great basic base – but one that I always apply with a brush. On holiday I applied this with my fingers only to realise it has a high oil content and was almost impossibly to wash off with soap and water! Not easy in a camping shower block with minimal facilities!! Next time I’d pack a BB cream or something lighter. 

Perfume-wise, I’d recently been sent three little samples of Art Deco fragrance which I popped in the bottom of my make up bag. 

Never before have I travelled with hair straighteners but I did pack my GHDs this time to try and tame my frizzy hair. Not an easy task with cheap hotel hairdryers and frazzled locks! But I’m glad I took it. 

And that was it – I’d run out of room. 

What holiday essentials do you pack in your hand luggage? 

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