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IT’S night on impossible to have a nice manicure when you are a mum as firstly there is no time to sit down and do the essential prep to have nice nails and then even if you actually did manage to dab on some paint, about 5 minutes later there is some baby-centered crisis which means that all your hard work is immediately undone. 

Some nights after the baby goes to bed I do attempt a nice manicure, but often it’s undone by the endless rounds of washing, washing up and nappy changes that you have to do as a mama.

Complaining aside, it’s a real shame as there are some really lovely nail polishes available at the moment which are in gorgeous metallic shades, or pastels that are just perfect for spring.

Barry M has a great range of golds and bronzes for less than a fiver which is just amazing. If you fancy a little bit of sparkle over a base shade such as Burberry’s Black Cherry, try Essie’s Sparkle On Top for a little bit of shimmer. Keep nails in tip top shape with Clinique’s Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream.

Here’s my favourite nail varnishes for spring/summer this year.

Clockwise from top left.

  1. Burberry Nail Polish in Black Cherry, £15
  2. Essie nail polish in Leggy Legend, £7.99
  3. Barry M Molten Metals nail paint in Copper Mine, £3.99
  4. Barry M Molten Metals nail paint in Bronze Bae, £3.99
  5. butter LONDON nail polish in Minted, £12
  6. butter LONDON nail polish in Sunnies, £12
  7. Essie nail polish in Sparkle On Top, £7.99
  8. Deborah Lippmann in Peaches and Cream, £18
  9. Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream, £18

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