Time to take a break

IT’S hard to say ‘I need a break’ when you are a mum… It comes with a side-serving of self-imposed guilt (as I have a very supportive fiancé who always tells me to take them out for myself) but often – especially after a week with a grizzly baby – the best thing to do is just say yes and take some time away from the family home and look after yourself. 

My health this year could be described as poor at best – a string of viruses, colds and two doses of tonsillitis finished off with a week of vertigo – meant that I was super excited to try out the Immunity Boosting Aromatherapy massage at Boutique Spa in Bayswater. This High Street spa, conveniently located five minutes away from the tube station, offers manicures, pedicures, waxing and massage as part of its menu.

I was led into one of the back treatment rooms for my aromatherapy treatment and nestled down on the massage bed with my head positioned over a bowl of scented water.

I love, love, love having a massage as it is an hour of pure relaxation where you are forced to put away your phone, unwind and clear your mind. Sometimes I like a tough workout where my muscles are put through their paces, but often I like a more therapeutic massage where your gently body prodded and poked into relaxation and the ‘ouch’ factor is totally missing.

This massage fell into the latter camp which suited me just fine and lots of lovely massage oil was slathered over all my stress points and the knots were gently worked out.

Sometimes you don’t know you need a break until that day, so Boutique Spa’s generous opening hours and walk-in service make it a brilliant choice for a mama like me who needs a little last-minute respite.

Find out more about Boutique Spa here.



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