HURRAH! The sun is here at LAST!

OH my goodness, how long have we been waiting for a bit of sunshine?

As I look outside my window and the sun is out and it’s over 10 degrees (sometimes over 15!) I feel completely joyous that I can get out and about and spend all day walking around in the sun and just soaking up the lush summer vibes!

unnamed-2London is just *such* a better city in the summer when the days are long and the nights are short.

I’ve always taken sun protection quite seriously, but I’ve always (ALWAYS) underestimated just how pale my skin is and how easily it gets burned. In my mind I’m a lovely coffee-shade of latina, but in reality I’m a mix of English, Welsh, Irish and Eastern European and that all equals… PALE!

Alpha H are an Aussie company who take sun protection incredibly seriously. Frighteningly Australia still has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world and melanoma is the most common cause of death in people under the age of 34. I lived in Australia for six years, and skin protection is a hot topic there – a country where you can literally get burned skin in a matter of minutes.

My issue with most sun creams is that is makes you look ever paler, leaving you with a film of sticky white cream and smelling SO strongly (although this is a bit of a nostalgia thing). Alpha H have totally swerved this issue with a creamy formula which feels really moisturising and nourishing yet contains a super strong SPF50+ which protects your skin.

img_7080.jpgFor beauty fans, there is an additional reason to apply sun cream daily – a recent study conducted by global leaders in skin cancer research at the University of Queensland found that the daily application of SPF30+ showed no detectable increase in skin ageing after you and a half years (based on a pool of 903 adults under 55). That’s incredible!

Alpha H also have revealed that we’re not using our skincare correctly – top tips for skin protection as advised by the brand include that you should always check your suncream’s expiry date, store your suncream out of the sun (so when you are on the beach make sure it’s in the shade, or somewhere cool), reapply regularly and use enough cream to properly cover your skin – they recommend around 35ml or 6 to 8 teaspoons of lotion to cover your whole body (although, I think I use more).

Alpha H also have released a really cute sharing is caring promo box (which I actually sent to my friend in Australia so she can protect her skin from the terrifying heat down under!) which contains two bite-sized versions of Alpha H’s range of premium sun cream.

Find out more info about Alpha H and buy their Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF50+ and Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF50+ here.


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