Get all your Christmas goodies from Budgens

AHHH CHRISTMAS. The only time of year when it’s acceptable to have wine for breakfast.

One of my favourite bits of Christmas planning is organising the drinks – and I was pleasantly surprised at the range from Budgens who have great options available for your booze-loving *and* non-drinking guests. 

I’ve been mulling absolutely everything this winter but some nights you just get booze-fatigue and want the spiceyness of mulled wine without the headache the next day. 

Budgens has got both covered as they stock a rather delicious mulled wine which you just need to gently heat on the hob (please be careful) but also have a cordial from Bottle Green that you mix with hot water and has the same warming effect. 

When I need a change from mulled drinks, my go-to drink is a G&T. The best tonic for this is definitely Fever-Tree their tonic with a twist of elderflower which is rather special (impressed friends pretty much guaranteed).

I was impressed with Budgens’ wide range of wines – including prosecco, white and red – which don’t break the bank, coming in at around the £10 mark.

The best news is that you’re never far from one of their shops in London and so whatever you’ve forgotten for the big day, you can always nip out and pick it up at the last minute. 

Happy Christmas!

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