I DON’T think I’ve written a post singing the praises of Rituals before and as they are one of the most underrated brands in my eyes, I thought it was time to holler about their virtues. 

Surprisingly not many people know about this brand – despite them having a major presence in airports and train stations in standalone stores as well as concessions in other retailers. 

I first came across the brand when I used their Factor 15 sun screen which comes in an aerosol and it is utterly AMAZING. It manages to reach every corner of your body (and when travelling alone this is a God-send). Why it doesn’t come in a Factor 30, I do not know!! 

I also use their hand cream which is light and luxurious and leaves your skin soft like silk. It soaks in so quickly and is the total opposite to most creams which just leave your hands slimy and greasy. 

Word of warning – beware their spray shower foams. When hungover, I got this muddled up with their deodorant and left myself with a nasty burn! Yeouch!

Check out Rituals range here

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