Raindance: Hollywood Storyteller Hosts London Masterclass


Christopher Vogler, a story consultant to the biggest production companies, is holding a weekend masterclass for Raindance Film Festival. 

He has worked for companies such as Disney and Warner Bros and is a storytelling guide for films such as The Wrestler, Black Swan, The Lion King, Fight Club and The Thin Red Line. Now, you have the chance to learn from him yourself.

Director of Raindance, Elliot Grove says, “We’re thrilled Christopher Vogler will be hosting this special Raindance masterclass in a rare appearance in London. He really is the stuff of screenwriting legend so this is a must for writers, directors, actors and producers interested in the entire story process from idea to script to screen.”

Christopher Vogler

He is the writer of the bestseller, The Writer’s Journey, which has been read by over 250,000 screenwriting students and filmmakers such as Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky who deems it as ‘the first book that everyone’s got to read.’

Throughout his workshop, Vogler will cover the essential story structure outline of the 12–stage Hero’s Journey as well as the eight major architypes of character, and strategies for deepening the audience’s involvement in the story. Plus, he will distinguish the difference between new concepts of story construction and the classic forms of storytelling through film.

Bruce Joel Rubin, Oscar-winning Screenwriter of The Time Traveler’s Wife, Deep Impact and Ghost says of him, “Vogler is about the stories we write, and perhaps more importantly, the stories we live. It is the most influential work I have yet encountered on the art, nature, and the very purpose of storytelling.”

Vogler will hold his masterclass, The Essence of Storytelling, at Cavendish Campus, University of Westminster on the 28th and 29th April from 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Price: £330

Raindance Earlybird 15% Premium Members Discount – Must book before 15th March

For further information and to book, visit www.raindance.co.uk

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