Are The Days of The Awkward Web Profile Over? Interest-based Mobile Dating Is Here

TRADITIONAL online dating can be a minefield – from filling out your profile, to finding a suitable snap of you, and deciphering the profiles of those you find attractive… it’s a full time job.

Well, that’s all about to change as a new free, high-quality mobile app called TrueView lets you simply ‘check in’ and update your status, combined with a category describing your activity and by doing so it matches you with suitable potential partners… errr, couldn’t be more simple!

It’s pretty much like writing a tweet, logging into Foursquare or updating a Facebook status… but with added romance. You gradually you build up a social profile of your interests… and get matched to other singles on that basis.

The app is currently available on all Apple models, and is coming to mobile web next week. This means anyone with an android phone or Blackberry will soon be able to use the site using an Internet browser.

The best point is that its super easy to send a quick “hi” to someone – rather than the usual rigmarole of parting with £30, writing a lengthy email and nervously waiting for a reply.

TrueView actually seems a lot less intimidating when it comes to making the initial contact.

The sign up process is short and sweet and you can immediately get cracking, finding other potential romances in your area.

Because you build up your profile cumulatively, it doesn’t take hours to get going, you simply log in, verify your contact details, give a few stats like your height and whether you smoke, describe your perfect day, and off you go.


TrueView – taking the bullish*t out of dating


Andrew Ibbotson, Matt Verity and Damian Mitchell are the trio of entrepreneurs behind the site.

Andrew said of TrueView: “If you like a particular coffee house, museum or restaurant you can quickly and easily log all of this on the app, as and when you visit them. You will then be matched with users that have similar interests.

“This is dating for the social media generation. People use Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare for everything else they do – why not use them to find a date?”

Download the app, fill out your details and start using it – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

Download TrueView here for FREE.

Find out more about TrueView here.

For more dating tips head to TrueView’s Facebook page.



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