Put That Diet on Hold! Try the (Delish) Street Food at KERB, King Cross


LOCATED at the far end of Kings Boulevard, KERB has become a revolution in street food as it embarks upon its mission to ‘Make Cities Taste Better’. Every week from 12:30-2pm Tuesday- Friday a selection of traders set up shop on the road side serving up their flavoursome fare. The stalls and vans rotate daily so you could eat there every day and still try something different each time.

Eat Street came to life in October 2011 defying all odds as a collection of street food vendors nestled in the centre of the huge building site behind King’s Cross Station. Last Autumn, led by Petra Barran, the first British street collective re-launched as KERB and has been going from strength to delicious strength ever since.

By implementing a stringent vetting process the KERB team have ensured the upmost quality of their food merchants, affectionately named ‘KERBanists’, whilst encouraging imagination and aspiration. The collective focuses not only on their passion for food but also bringing the streets they trade in to life with culture and sociality. Using fresh ingredients these pioneering Foodies are making restaurant quality cuisine accessible on the pavements at affordable prices.

There is pretty much every type of grub you can think of available from rotisserie to pintxos, Schnitzel to kimchi, and dohnuts to dosa. Even the food stations themselves are a spectacle including The Bowler’s grass covered van, Engine’s 1959 fire truck and the themed What the Dickens! stall with staff dressed in tweed and bowler hats

This is only the beginning of the story and you can rest assured the folks at KERB have plenty of exciting plans for expansion and new events up their sleeves. So put down those mundane cheese sandwiches and head over to King’s Cross for a lively new dining experience this lunchtime. To find out more about KERB and its traders please check out their website here.

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