Beauty That Resists The Gym

GOING to the gym may be excellent for many things… burning calories, toning up, losing weight, checking out all the hot personal trainers (come on, we all do it) but it can play havoc with your make-up. 

The the last thing you want when you’re in the middle of working up a sweat is to glance in the mirror and be met with a panda face.

Avoid embarrassment by stashing these ultra-clever beauty items into your gym bag and give them a workout.

Here are our tips for looking your best while exercising.

[Show as slideshow]Korres Pomegranate Foundation Korres Pomegranate concealer Clinique Lash Power Mascara Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencils Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow
MAC Splashproof Lash Bourjois Liner Clubbing  Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara Yves Saint Laurent's Luxurious Mascara Waterproof Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Use the super long-lasting Pomegranate Foundation and Concealer from Korres – they are specially formulated for oily/combination skin. (£16, each). Buy it here.

Clinique’s Lash Power was originally formulated for humid Asian environments. The unique formula uses advanced thermal sensitive technology to resist rain, pool water, tears, sweat, and, of course, humidity.  Exactly what you need when hitting the treadmill. Remove by using very warm water (39˚C/103˚F is ideal) and gently press to lashes to loosen the formula. Buy it here.

Wave good-bye to make-up worries by using the Long-Wear Eye Pencil range from Bobbi Brown. They are available in six shades including Hunter, a dark forest green, Black Navy and Black Plum. Buy it here.

Give your peepers a splash of colour with Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadows. They are made of a buildable formula which promises to stay on for up to 12 hours without creasing or transferring. Use a brush for a more intense application, or your fingers for sheer coverage. Buy it here.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow

MAC’s Splashproof Lash is waterproof, long-wearing, length-defining and lash-thickening. Perfect for doing laps in the pool. Buy it here.

The Clubbing Liner from Bourjois was formulated to stay put when you are dancing the night away. However, it will work just as well if you are taking a class like the Jane Fonda Tribute workout or learning how to move like a Bollywood star. Buy it here.

Avoid panda-eyes by using the Scuba mascara by Lord & Berry. It promises not to budge as the formula uses nylon fibres to create a waterproof layer. It also lengthens and curls lashes. Buy it here.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Luxurious Mascara Waterproof creates long, lustrous lashes – with the benefit of withstanding an intense workout at the gym. Plus, it’ll look GORGEOUS in your beauty bag. It’s also available in violet, blue and brown. Buy it here.

Pot Rouge by Bobbi Brown can be used on lips and cheeks and, as it’s a stain, it is ultra long-lasting. It has been a best-seller since it was launched in 2006. The creamy formula was inspired by Bobbi’s grandmother who used to use lipstick on her cheeks. Buy it here.

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