Florence Welch Downs Tequila and Jumps on Stage To Sing Get Lucky

Florence Welch sings Get Lucky

FLORENCE Welch behaved just like she was at one our boozy office parties on Friday, downing shots and gatecrashing a band’s warmup to sing a pop star version of karaoke. 

The singer (who usually gigs with ‘The Machine”) legged it on stage to perform a cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky with covers band Sourberry while they soundchecked at a gig on Friday night.

Florence enthusiastically tucked into shots of tequila (a girl after our own hearts) as she  busted out the vocals of the song of the summer, before breaking into Standing In The Way of Control. V. rock n’ roll and we love it!

She was on stage at the South London Pacific bar.

Check out the video, below.


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