The Review: Rouge Edition Velvet Bourjois lipsticks

MATTE liquid lipsticks have been elbowing their way into the limelight over the last 12 months and I couldn’t be happier.

Long-lasting bright pops of colour that don’t rub off onto your clothes? It’s the only style of lipstick I want to wear at the moment.

The most recent brand to jump on the liquid matte lipstick (which go on as a liquid and dry to matte, obvs) bandwagon is Bourjois – who have brought out a range, Rouge Edition Velvet, which is bang on the money.

While some liquid matte lipsticks can really dry out your lips (I’m thinking of one of my fave liquid lipstick from Maybelline), Bourjois has sidestepped this pitfall and managed to make a truly ‘velvet’ range. They go on incredibly bright and saturated, but remain silken and soft for about 15 minutes before slowly drying to matte. The only negative is that they do need a reapplication after a few hours as the colour they fade to isn’t necessarily true to the colour they went on as.

The price is also super affordable and the colour range available is delightful. There are bright reds, pinks and corals as well as nude, plum and brown.

They are available from High street retailers including Boots and Superdrug now for £8.99.

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