Ones To, Er, Watch? Page and Cooper and Timothy Everest

USUALLY we’re never ones to miss a party so it was a sad day when a crisis in the office meant we had to miss our friends at Page and Cooper showcasing their range of high-end watches at the  Timothy Everest store. 

The two brands were collaborating on their ‘Stitch In Time’ concept – showing the natural synergy between bespoke tailoring and beautiful watchmaking.

And looking at the gorgeous photography from the event held in Shoreditch, you can see how perfectly they are matched.

In fact… you could say they were tailor-made to work together! (Geddit?)

Jonathan Bordell, Director of Page and Cooper said: “With Timothy Everest we found a kindred spirit. One who appreciates individuality, quality and considered taste. The collaboration allowed those invited to appreciate individual style, it really did allow them to get to know the functionality and concept of some beautifully crafted pieces.”

Take a look at the party snaps, below, and visit the Page and Cooper website here, and the Timothy Everest website here.

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