Fashion on Film for Free!

FOR those eager to get in the London Fashion Week Spirit – look no further!

St Martin’s Square in Covent Garden are giving away free, I repeat FREE tickets to three exclusive and of course fashion orientated, films.

Starting off on Sunday the 15th of September features the ever hilarious, get-your-pout-out Zoolander – you can never have enough of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson having a pout off!

Following this there will be Grey Gardens on Monday 16th and The September Issue on Tuesday 17th.

The films will also be silent to those who aren’t lucky enough to grab tickets, wearing wireless headphones you get the exclusivity of the cinema without the background sounds of the shoppers at Covent Garden.

And is if it couldn’t get any better, there will be free gourmet popcorn and a range of pop-up cinema-snack stalls, -after all what’s a film without the necessary nibbles?!

But if you’re sat here thinking ‘whilst I’m there I might as well go for dinner too’ book in with the surrounding restaurants for food and the movie and grab yourself one of the best seats in the house!

This simply is one of those its-too-good-to-be-true but is true moments!

So for more info and to enter into the draw to win tickets, see .

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